Sunday, March 1, 2009


1 week passed so quickly in a blink of the eye..
But i had a happy time on friday..
Havent been over to dear's house to study for awhile.. and i finally got the chance to do so! yay!

Whats better than having to spend so time with ur love ones enjoying each other company=)
However, becos of this thing called study, we have to spend more time doing other things than the things we like..

I cant seem to wait for the 3 months hols to arrive, then we can put aside all the academics and focus on our leisure!
But the the rest of the 7 weeks, Lets JIAYOU ba!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Happy Chinese New Year!!
Everyone.. HUAT AH!!!

Haha.. okie.. i m a bit late in updating..
After a day of shopping with the guys, my dear very "politely" asked me to accompany her to shop for her new yr clothes on sat!
Seeing that she got no new clothes to wear, I agreed=P

Somewhere along the trip.. Dear: "I got money, but there is nothing for mi to buy!"
Very qian bian right? End up she didnt get anything -_-ll and i got a new shirt!
Pls dun complaint that i look flat in the plaid shirt..

But there is nothing better than an afternoon alone with my dear dear^^
Ebikko at the usual place soon k? (u shld know wat i mean)
My dear dear damn lousy lo.. say wan walk to city hall from orchard.. but half way thr..
Dear: leg damn suan~~(whining) i wan take bus!
Told u that u can nv win mi in arguments one..=P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yup.. u heard it right.. Millenia.. but not 1000 yrs la.. but MILLENIA WALK!!!
Slow to blog cos "someone" send mi the photos with copyrights lo.. which i cant open on my laptop and so i have to wait till todae before that "someone" passed mi the pixs=P

Accompany dear dear to repair her dad's phone at vivo and we saw something lame..

after which we decided to go to The Cathay to have Nihon Mura!! sudden cravings for ebikko, enoki bacon etc.. It was a nice full meal and i definitely recommend ppl to go have jap foodie there=)

Afterwhich i was brided by dear dear to walk to city hall from The Cathay, for a free coffee at Gloria's. But in between, we had a detour (like Amazing race) to Millenia Walk!!! We visited this damn nice place.. which all of you ppl would have seen on channel 5 commerical. The one which feature Fiona Xie dancing ard:
Nice rite=) Then we started taking tonne of pictures of ourself.. Wahaha.. Here are some of our collections:

I like the last 2 pics the most man.. wahaha.. dear dear so "cute"!!
A fun-filled day spent with Dear: *muacks*

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Yeah!! After a long and wonderful year.. 2009 has arrived!!
Best wishes to all the ppl in this new year! And may everything we do come true=)

Spent the night at dear's place to count down!! so good lo someone.. got fireworks to see from your house windows.. Haha..
First time that we are counting down to the new year together!! its been 1 year++ and i hope to have many more count down to go..=)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


There is a new movie in town!! coming next year!!
A movie about scientists, the plot is quite interesting though.. A scientist discovered a new strand of mutant potatoes.. yes.. you heard it right.. and the potatoes are trying to outcompete the human race!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

1 week!!

Finally.. the first week of hols have passed..
Not that i was looking forward to school reopening, but rather that my ops-manning is going to end soon.. tmr will be the last day and tmr will also be the day i register my modules..=X

Anyhow, dear came over to my hse yesterday and accompany mi for the afternoon.. we tried something diff.. lol.. playing online game under the same roof.. lol.. cooperation to the max..
Then at night we went over to sembawang sunplaza for dinner!!
I was having trouble deciding whether to eat pasta mania or sakae, since i have not eaten both for god know how long..

In the end.. i had Chicken and Ham sauages baked rice!!! wahahaha.. CHEESE!! *slurp*..
Then we went on a long awaited walk ard dear's breezy, erm windy to be exact neighbourhood!! And someone was afraid that there will be dogs stalking her and she refuse to walk along the path next to the forest=P

Fun day!! Waiting for the next..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another day..

Raining now!! Juz the way i like my lazy day to be.. cooling..
I dun like the heat that accompanied the hot and humid days.. coupled with the sunlight that shone directly into my room.. it makes my room hotter than usual..

Yesterday RT was tougher than expected man.. damn tired.. haha.. although it was slack but we did alot of static excerise.. ppl were cheating as usual..
Take running for example: 3km run.. no one to supervise.. and there were ppl who didnt sweat, 3 times the size of mi coming back earlier than i did.. OMG! haha.. but i shant complaint.. cos its their own fitness not mine..

Recently started reading a new book called Parasite Eve.. For video games avid, you should have played the game before.. Anyhow, its about mitochondria.. a sci-fi horror.. and before you ppl say that i m a geek.. read that book and you will know its nice.. talking abt a man obsession to let his dead wife live forever.. lol..

If time is really the problem.. y not spend more time together physically and not thr present day communication devices into the wee hours of the night? If the latter was chosen.. isnt it the same as a long dist relationship.. where talking on the phone for long period was the sole comfort for the 2 of them?
What to do when a person is tired? Do you allow him/her to slp? or do you want them to accompany you on the phone? unless one realize that mistake and not indulge in the world of ones own reasonings, then can all the problems be solved. Sometimes, we have to give and take, and not taking all the time..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Interested can msg mi!!!

A 60-minute 4-person decision game
- In each 4-person game, the winner will $40 and the losers
will get $5

- Time slots available:
o December 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
o 10:00-11:00am
o 11:30am-12:30pm
o 2:00-3:00pm
o 3:30-4:30pm

Total about $55, we can spilt among ourself.. okie.. i need 3 more ppl..


Sorry that i haven blogged for a long time.. haha..
No time to blog becos of exams and stuffs.. but now..

But i dun have the mood to enjoy the hols..
Firstly, tired, exhausted.. got to do RT.. cos i failed my ippt.. i was sick on the day i did my ippt.. haiz..
Nvm.. take it as a training.. wahahha.. free one some more.. then SAF still give us money.. lol..

From 2nd till 9th dec i have to do ops manning.. Army stuff again.. cant seems to escape from them even after ORD-ing for like 3 yrs alr.. What to do.. i m a Singaporean Male!
But i guess army still let the guys learnt alot of things that we dun usually learnt in our everyday lives..
Fruitful to say the least! But still some things in army are really too by the book for mi..

Okie i have to go for my RT later in the evening at 6pm.. 4 hrs.. until 10pm.. wth rite?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pls go and DIE!


I M SO IRRITABLE............